I had my first real session yesterday and had decent shaking in my lower body but it wasn’t anything special. I just finished my second session today and all i have to say is WOW. Started out with that same shaking but it started at the most intense level i had yesterday about 10 min in today. After 2-3 waves of this I suddenly felt my ass clench down on my progasm and my body went into a complete flex. I began violently and uncontrollably bucking back and forth, my legs shaking up and down side to side. I could barely keep my breath and was in shock. As soon as it subsided I would have 15 seconds to catch my breath and then it would build back up all over again. This happened probably 8-10 times before i literally could not stand it anymore. Absolutely insane.

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  1. That happened to me my first session, but I couldn’t tell if it was due to prostate simulation or if I was just making my muscles spasm from clenching them

  2. Your description is exactly how my body responded to my first. It literally feels like there’s an anchor inside your ass pulling you back and forth, while your prostate is going through a mix of ecstasy and liberation. Did you moan like a bitch too? It was so intense that I couldn’t control my moaning. Loud, long and intense

  3. LOL I LOVE the title to your post… as soon as I saw it, I knew what to expect. It keeps getting better as well. I found I was starting to use it every day… and for me, well it was a bit much where I wasn’t getting the uncontrollable shaking the exact same way as you described due to doing it too often. Right now it is a good week or so since I did my last session. I have found with a break in between that the orgasm is just that much more pleasurable. Don’t get me wrong… LOL I was still getting the orgasm without waiting, and like you 8-10 times… actually…. I lose count… they keep on coming hahaha.

    One thing I have found (especially if I have had some weed in me) is that when I first put it in, right away I go to the sink to wash my hands…. and I have had orgasms standing up while washing my hands even though I had only just inserted… it is like it is just instantaneous for me. I have to stand there and hold onto the counter. The very first time it happened, that damn Progasm shot out of my ass like a bullet, flying across the room. And it was right in the middle of my orgasm dammit hahahaha.

    Anyways, congrats on the early success. It took me quite a while to get where you got to on only your second try. Shit reading your post gave me a hard on and the urge to go use mine now… but I gotta head to work. Oh well. Cheers!!

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