My last good session

I’ve had my aneros probably for 4-5 years. I’ve barely ever gotten anything more than chills here and there while using it. Because of my lack of progress rewriting and getting much from it I use it very seldom.

Last time I used my aneros, I only have a helix syn, I think I had one of my best. I had a good bit of time to myself. I wasn’t particularly turned on but I felt good about things. I chilled out, and since I hadn’t eaten for the day I was pretty much free and clear to get going. I slipped everything in and laid back and brought my feet together like I was in a meditation pose and laying back. It let the good times roll, didn’t do much actively for a few minutes and just let it feel nice. I could feel it touching and making some nice feel good sensations. Nothing amazing but kind of like that feeling where just noticing your heartbeat makes your bits twitch. This is when I started actively participating and doing slight clenches. I started clenching different than usual. It still felt similar but it moved the aneros differently than I was used to. I started dropping. I love it when prostate gets worked just right that you can feel the perfume start to flow. Every contraction I made I could feel the drop get a little bigger until it rolled away. I’d do contractions until another rolled down my penis and so on and so on. Now I don’t usually get hard when I do any anal play, but this time I could feel it coming on. I started to roll my hips ever so slightly and I could feel the blood flowing. Flowing and flowing until you had a full erection. My abs started to feel wavy and I could feel some shakes coming on. Normal when I get shakes during aneros sessions, I don’t get any pleasure from them. Not this time, I could feel the pleasure coming through. Similar to when you workout your abs a little to much and just sitting up makes them tingle. Then everything died down. I stopped rocking, reapplied lube and kept going. Reinserting always feels amazing. Feeling the aneros graze past my prostate on the way out it always enough to get some precut flowing. Once the aneros was back in I went back to the standard contractions. Very quickly I was hard again and felt the same pleasure start. Legs and belly started to tingle like I had an AMAZING stretch after a nap. Dripping precum some more. But that is where it stopped. My pleasure flattened out and I didn’t feel as good as I had during the rest of the session. I still felt warm and my butt buzzed. Though I knew after about 10 minutes it was over.

I was a little sad it was at an end. I don’t know if I would call what I experienced a p-wave but it was certainly a good experience. I once had what I think was a p-wave a couple years ago shortly after I started but could never achieve the same pleasure. I haven’t had another session due to living situation and the people I lived with were exposed to Covid, but right now I’m looking at finishing out the quarantine with 14 days without an orgasm and think I might have a good time with the aneros when everything is back to normal for me.

Do you guys think I would benefit from trying a different model? I’ve been considering the progasm, thinking the extra size and different shape might bring on a new experience.



  1. I just bought the program, so I can say that it offers quite a different experience. It feels wider and it’s harder to keep in once the involuntary contractions start. I think it takes more effort to use it well, but I really dig the sense of fullness and stretch — it’s quite the turn on.

    Maybe give it a shot as you’ll definitely get more sensations, but it may take a bit to start getting those shivers and ab contractions. I was able to get those with my Helix Syn, but 3 sessions in with the Progasm I haven’t had much luck. Good luck!

  2. I have a Progasm and Helix Trident (not the syn) and what I can say is the Helix moves a lot more. Whereas the Progasm fills you and hits the spot. Very different. I wouldn’t say I like the Progasm more though. Trying that, I realized I really liked the movement that the Helix provides.

  3. dunno Im trying trying, but today again 2 hours and every time I feel like Im gonna cum its just doesnt happen. I get a lot of pleasure but cant reach any orgasm yet. Dunno if theres something extra you need to do when you feel the pleasure building? Like extra contractions or what.

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