Multitasking with Aneros inserted?

I know it’s not 100% ideal to be multitasking (seated non sexual, like working on computer), but is it contraindicated for any reason? Seems like it might be a good way to create a longer session, if I can at least multitask for part of it.

But I’m also curious if Aneros are good for wearing out in the world, while walking around etc? Seems like they are small enough that it shouldn’t be a problem….


6 comments on “Multitasking with Aneros inserted?

  1. its not that comfortable for me, they are too firm to be sit on, i perfer using plugs for this use case

  2. I have gone for short walks with inserted. like 5 minute ones. very close to home. It was ok. I have worn it around the house a bit. I tried to sit with it inserted. It’s not comfortable at all. – for me anyway.

  3. World for me while lounging in the couch, not comfortable sitting straight. I’ve tried walking, it slipped out, si that a no for me

  4. Ask the same question again but replace “with aneros” with “while having sex”. Do you think you’ll get the most out of the experience? There’s your answer…

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