(Finally) Achieved a HFWO! How to progress to dry-O’s?

Hey guys! Been an aneros user for about 3 months. Started with the Helix Syn Trident, then progressed to the Progasm Jr 3 weeks ago. The Progasm Jr was the one that finally brought me over the edge. The build up and everything was soooo goooooooood, but I was honestly thinking I was going to achieve a Dry-O, or perhaps even a super orgasm! Unfortunately, I got this sensation of cum spurting out and lo and behold – it did. A bit disappointed I had to stop the session there, since after 5 minutes after I came and was still riding some p-waves, I just wasn’t horny anymore.

I can’t really remember what I did differently to achieve the HFWO, but I was doing it mostly how I usually did it, except this time I edged for a week. I got myself super horny and put on some porn before I put the Progasm in. The moment I put the progasm in, I knew my body was in for a treat since I immediately started to feel good and started to moan. Usually I would try to relax, but the feelings were already making my ass contract immediately after insertion, so I did some light kegel exercises for about 2 minutes, then I just made the toy do the work since it was already doing a fine job inside me. I think the one thing I did differently this time was to find a contraction that felt good and rode the wave, keeping the contraction there. 50 minutes later, I feel something building up, my lower half shaking. I start to feel that “point of no return” feel in my prostate (or cock), and thats when I had the wet orgasm.

How would one who has already achieved a HFWO progress on to dry orgasms? I want the ride to never end!

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  1. Did your body start shaking like crazy when you came? If it did, your HFWO actually would also have been a super orgasm, unless you normally shake when you cum? I know for me… I have yet to have a HFWO but have had a Super O…. as your whole body just gets into it…kinda like an exorcism LOL

  2. Prolonged holding of a contraction will sharply increase likelihood of a WO, in my experience. I suspect it’s because tightening is one of the signals that puts your body on notice to ejaculate. If you notice, with regular dick wank orgasms, you will always tighten up before cumming. You want to try and be in a more relaxed state for a dry O. To offset the loss of intensity from relaxing, this may mean that your session will have to be longer to achieve a dry O. Over time as your P becomes more sensitive you’ll be able to move into a dry O state much more quickly, e.g. 5 mins (depending on how horny you are when you start)

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