When did you first feel something?

I just had my fourth or fifth session, and I don’t know if I’m making any progress. I like how it feels, but I still haven’t identified the Aneros hitting my prostate. I think I may have started feeling the need to pee (but I’m not sure because I did stop and pee in the middle of the session but I felt it after peeing too) but it’s very subtle. When I use my fingers, I can definitely feel the contact with my prostate and the needing to pee feeling. When did you first feel something, or how did you know you were actually hitting your prostate?

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  1. Hmm, it wasn’t until my 20th session maybe that I had a feeling of pressure and fullness that felt good, but then I plateaud hard there. I got really caught up with all these videos of men having earth shaking seizures of pleasure that I tried to push myself towards that.

    Imitation of course does not work. I just had all of these shakes and nothing came from it. I took a while to start really trying mindfulness. That was about 3 months ago, and now I definitely feel more and am aware of where my prostate is, how it feels, etc.

  2. Second time. Planned to do try the “do nothing” technique for one hour and finished up after about 3 hours. No orgasm but definite contact and oozing pre-cum.

  3. For me, was over 3 months in of riding once or twice a week before the rides got intense and no hands used. I def realized early on that 1- no two rides are ever the same and 2- have no expectations, go in relaxed and just wanting to relax and chill and whatever happens (or doesn’t) does

  4. If you feel like you need to pee in the middle of a session go ahead and do that. After emptying bladder next time you come close to orgasm it will feel like you need to pee but nothing will come out but pecum. Thats the recepie for a pure wet O without any piss cut with it(usually its like 5-10% urine ive noticed but this solves it for me)

  5. It varies. I’ll tell you my experience.
    Right into the third or fourth session I started to get the shaky legs. But my friend from the shaky legs to a full dry prostate orgasm is a lot of work. It seems the shaky legs are the right direction you want to go. If they are a shaky you’re on the right path. My full dry prostate orgasm actually came about an year after practicing. Yes, one year. It’s not as simple as it sounds you need to be very patient. If you smoke weed, go for it. If you sniff poppers, go for it. Remember: you red to RELAX. Mind, body, soul. It’s much more about letting your mind go free from feelings, worries, thoughts than the toy per se doing the work. Don’t pressure yourself and follow the rhythm

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