Just bought my BF an aneros Helix trident syn. What now?

So, I (F23) just bought my boyfriend (M23) an Aneros Helix trident syn. I have not given it to him yet, but am planning to give it to him soon. He doesn’t really know that much about Aneros or any prostate super O, dry O etc things, so how could I introduce him to this info, so he doesn’t just brush off my gift to him as a ”small butt plug” but as something more.
He is comfortable with my fingers in his butt and doing some prostate play, and he finds it pleasurable and his orgasms are stronger but he doesn’t find it amazingly crazy pleasurable.

So my question is. Where should I tell him to study/find info about all the tecniques and things he can do with this new toy of his.
Also what ways are there that we can use the Aneros Helix together? Could I give him a guided meditation moment with the Helix in his butt, telling him to breath and use his PC muscles, can we just have piv with the Helix in him, bj with it in him? What are some beloved couples activities with it?

Thank you and sorry if my English is a bit off, not a native speaker 🙂

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  1. You might want to hold off on giving it to him just yet and try subtly to get him interested. For example:

    ‘Hey, [insert cute pet name] , I just found out about this thing boys can do, called a super-o. It’s like how girls orgasm, but from your prostate. Do you think you’d want to try it?’

    Phrase it how you like, but just showing up with a toy and saying you wanna get him there might put so much pressure on it that he never gets an o from it.

    I dunno. Go with your gut since you know your boyfriend better than me (I certainly hope so lol).

  2. Google aneros wiki. There’s a lot of tips and techniques on there that will help get him started.
    But to be perfectly honest, it takes a lot of practice and dedication to get anything out of using any aneros. They work great once you get the hang of it, but it’s very possible that he won’t feel much at first. I have the Helix Syn and I can confirm that it works, but it takes time to learn how to clench with the right strength and strengthen your kegal muscles.
    Just let him know this ahead of time so he’s not expecting a mind blowing experience the first time and get disappointed and never go back to it.
    PS… He’s lucky to have a girlfriend like you that’s so open to this stuff!

  3. Aneros website also has lots of good info. Personally, i (m51) have never had success with the aneros as far as hands free, and hands on masturbation orgasm are a chore … However … Using (wearing) the aneros for pre-sex foreplay takes the sexual feeling to another level, and wearing it during piv sex is Euphoric (especially on edibles!!!), in that case it is my go-to, I highly recommend it

  4. Firstly: Best.GF.Ever!

    Next, definitely talk to him about the super O before presenting it. Definitely say it’s something different to get to new heights and you’d like to see how much pleasure he can get. If you guys are into drugs or meditation/spiritual stuff, almost introduce it as something like that.

    For the actual experience. I’d say to somewhat take the sexuality out of it. Make it more of a relaxation meditation session more. Al least for the first 15-20 min. Work on building arousal more than releasing it…. You know? When a man is about to cum, they totally tense up, so it’s almost like a reflex (think toes curling)… You want to be going the other direction; relaxation. So a lot of caressing and sensual touch. Moaning and saying sweet stuff. Teasing. IDK what he’s into, but you’ll figure it out.

  5. Seriously, if my wife did this for me I would be in heaven. She doesn’t know I use an aneros so it’s difficult to get that alone time where I can relax and be loud if I need too. All I want is for her to milk me.

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