5 comments on “Aneros digging in.

  1. Yes, my Aneros Progasm is like that and hurt a bit, I now rarely use this toy because of those 2 pegs… Read few peoples cut them off…didnt tried on mine. Never bought another Aneros product (not for this reason honestly, just moved on other toys…)

  2. You can add some material to increase the area it touches and by that reduce the pressure and softer material to buffer, like some layers of tissue. This def used to be a bigger problem with older aneros designs (ie pre Progasm and Trident series)


    As with a lot of things it comes down to some training… I used to have issues from that, too, but after a few years of using Aneros toys, I don’t need it anymore.

  3. This is a pretty common thing. I wouldn’t recommend cutting them off, though, since they are used to help pivot the aneros and hit the prostate. Cutting them off could ruin the toy. I’ve heard some people wrap the ends with medical tape, or something similar that’s soft, to make them softer and a little more comfortable. My Helix Syn would get uncomfortable on the end that digs in near my tailbone. Since I didn’t have medical tape available when I was playing last time, I just used a few band-aids to wrap around it and it did help a little.

  4. You can sugru to add a rubber pad and it will glue itself to the Aneros. That helped me make things way more comfortable.

  5. I had also some discomfort at the beginning. Now, after a little more than one year of use, it doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s like playing guitare: your fingers hurt at the beginning and then you are used to it.

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