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  1. I use my MGX Trident overnight pretty often. I haven’t had any real problems. The most important thing is using a good, long lasting lube. If your lube dries up, the Aneros can start to get pretty uncomfortable, and taking it out then is even less fun, potentially a little painful. Like I said though, I’ve never had any serious problems. It might not be a bad idea at first to experiment with some longer sessions while you’re awake to get a feel for how long your lube lasts. I was taking daytime naps with mine in before I started using it overnight.

    Usually I wake after 4-6 hours feeling like taking it out, but sometimes I last all night. I’ve woken myself up a couple times by moving around in my sleep into a position that makes it uncomfortable.

    Coconut oil is my personal favorite lube and lasts the longest in my experience. Silicone comes in second but it’s not good for silicone toys like the Aneros Syn models. The overnight performance with silicone lube seemed a little uneven to me though, like some nights it would last longer than others. I’ve used water based lube sometimes but it dries out too fast to last the night. Your experience may vary based on preference and brand. Whatever lube I use, I throw a towel down to avoid getting it all over my bed.

  2. The first reason that come to my mind is the pain (after six hours sleeping with a toy in and, we move a lot in our sleep)

    Then, it’s probable that the lube evaporates or rather is absorbed by the anus and then, you struggle to remove the toy.

    And finally : Dilation induced by the toy increases the risk of hemorrhoidal crisis.

    BUT, if you are well prepared, you use a good amount of lube, there’s no « real » risk.

    Before sleeping with it, you should make an attempt on an afternoon to be fixed on the « risks ».

    Hope I could help you.

  3. I do it with Progasm and the jr. Either use something like coconut oil or silicone. I usually don’t wake up that dry, I can pull it out without problem

  4. I’ve slept with

    None on purpose. Just being super relaxed and falling asleep. I got nothing out of it. No mid sleep orgasm. Nothing.

    Key is lots of lube. And good non water based lube

  5. I’ve slept (up to 8 hours) with multiple Aneros toys. I just Boy Butter to lube, just don’t apply it at the base (residue will grease the base when you first slide it in, and you won’t get much if any lube stains on clothes or sheets). I also wear underwear both to ensure it stays in, and to catch any lube that might escape.

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