First session today, have questions.

Tried the aneros helix for the first time today. I simply read the booklet that came with the product for basic instructions, nothing else.

Took a while (20-30 mins) of very gentle coaxing but eventually got it in without too much trouble. I started contracting my pelvic floor muscles and immediately felt waves of heat radiating through my body and immediately became erect. The booklet doesn’t say anywhere not to jerk off whilst using the toy so I also did this. Within moments I had the most intense, fulfilling orgasm of my life. It was like warm explosion in my head. Post-orgasm, the waves of heat continued throughout my body. I was nearly crying it felt so good. I also have felt since then unbelievable clarity and mental sharpness instead of the more common post-orgasm fatigue.

Then I go online and start reading how I’m *not* supposed to manually masturbate with the Aneros in. Did I screw this up? I had such a good time I can’t imagine doing anything differently. Can’t wait for my next session.



  1. Of course you can masturbate regularly with the aneros on. It feels pretty great to cum like that, I can feel the aneros bashing the prostate on every squeeze.

    Sadly this isn’t how you achieve a prostate orgasm at all, and the pleasures in the promise land are supposed to be many times greater than this.

  2. This is pretty much the only way I use it. I just don’t have the self control. Haven’t had a super O but I get aless sensations and never have a bad session.

  3. No screw up at all!! You enjoyed it first time as you wanted to and it was WOW. Too many think there are hard rules on how to use. There are guidelines.

    If you’d like to experience more then super intense cock orgasms, don’t play with cock, butt relax into that heat and let it feed lust throughout your body. You’ll unlock so much more pleasure then you ever imagine you have. Happy riding!

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