How common are the adverse side affects of using aneros?

Hey r/aneros,

I’m just reaching out because while I enjoy using my aneros, I’ve come across some concerning posts on the aneros forum. People have been complaining of [physical pain](, [uncontrollable a-less orgasms]( (disrupting sleep and such), and something strange like [kundalini syndrome/psychosis]( (These are just examples, there are a few more that float around the forum)

Is this common? Is there anything one can do to prevent encountering these issues? The responders to these posts seem rather mum on the matter, and don’t think it’s a big concern. But the people that complain of these issues seem adamant that it has impacted their lives for the worse.

I only say so because I have a life outside of this product, and I don’t want it to be disrupted because of these issues.



  1. this can be a real deep subject and might be going down a rabbit hole. the K is something that can be considered unreal and a bit scary. I am pretty sure i had a K awakening many years ago, and thats what brought me to p spot play… It took prb 4 years to control all the feelings.

    one of the places that helped me was r/entheogicsexthe threads that discuss K are very rigid and don’t want to know much else.

    If I was in a room where there was a lot of energy, I could not think straight. My hands buzzed, my tummy went into knots.

    I learned reiki, and it helped a lot. Now..I am a lot better. I am more sexual, more sensual, and want to learn more. It can be a delicate balance. My orgasms are more intense I feel that there is so much more out there then what we know.

    I have had a few a less orgasms.. they are fun, Kind of catch me off guard sometimes. They mostly happen after a few days of edging.

    Ask a lot of questions, talk to people, self explore and take your time.

  2. Well, I never heard this before.

    For me, that was a normal and regular thing because I control it. I can stop it… or let it be.

    The last syndrome you are talking about is linked to the meditation energy and all those things. Pretty sure it can be fixed with meditation.

    When you have an orgasm multiple drugs are synthesised by the brain, which can create a state of trance or intense relaxation… then, when you have multiple very intense orgasms, the effects can be multiplied tenfold.

    In meditation the return to reality happens gradually, perhaps the problem comes from a too abrupt and rapid return to reality.

    In meditation being aware, conscious of its body is important. It’s all I can say.

  3. Kundalini syndrome/psychosis/awaking is very real and it happened to myself. If you wanna read the story, I’ve shared it on reddit. Very unpleasant experience at first but i would not want to miss it. It kinda forces you to accept certain things and to “fix your shit”.

    Although there have been reports of people being stuck in nut houses because of their forceful awakenings. Just wanted to throw this in.

    But really it’s like with everything. It all depends on how you perceive things. If you are scared and trying to avoid it- well then you view it as a bad experience, if you accept it and see it as something beautiful- well then it is something beneficial for you

  4. Wait whut? Sticking a toy up your bum can make you have an LSD-like trip?! Come on, surely not

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