So, anal only shaking orgasms… is there more?

Hi! I’m pretty in tune with all things anal. I do pegging semi often, usual dildo play, and of course I’ve got my Aneros Progasm. As such, I was surprised to hear how hard some dudes have it getting a hands free orgasm. I’d had them before but the Aneros definitely upped the sensation. Now I’m at a point where I barely get halfway through a video before I’m exploding. 7 mins is my ‘record’.

Is this good? Have I become enlightened? Or am I actually at a ‘first step’ and there’s a whole lot more to learn and experience?

I’m a bit into the sissy community and hear things about ‘sissygasms’ being different from a prostate orgasm, but apart from ‘kegels’ im not sure what I’m aiming for! What is the next step after incredibly strong prostate orgasms?



  1. I’m assuming your prostate orgasms are ‘wet’ in that you ejaculate? If so, then dry orgasms are next.

    How you get to that point, I don’t know.

  2. not a first step but you have a long ways to go if you are busting a nut in a few minutes 🙂

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