Next one to get?

Hey guys! I’m looking for opinions on what I should get next. I’ve definitely been enjoying my Helix Syn Trident as a long term wearing option that keeps me wanting more the whole time I am wearing it, especially while climbing stairs. What I’ve found though is that I really prefer to have more pressure than was the Helix can provide. I started doing some PC action with my Loki turned off and got leg shaking good pleasure way more easily.

Given that discovery, I’ve been contemplating getting a Maximus to hit the spot better. I think the main issue I have with getting .ore out of the Helix is length. My prostate is just a little deeper than where the necked down region is. The best pleasure I get from the Helix is when I sit on something and kind of grind a little bit. It pushes it a little further in and I can use my PC muscles from there.


3 comments on “Next one to get?

  1. IMO, the Helix Syn models are too soft and flimsy. I use the Helix original. It’s the standard material so you can really feel the aggressive angle of the Helix design.

    Progasm is a good option too, but only if you like the feeling of being filled up.

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