First time, some soreness afterwards.

I had my first session with the Aneros Helix on Monday. Before then the only thing I have ever had up my rectum is a urologist’s finger when she checked my prostate two years ago.

It is now Thursday (3 days later). And I do still feel a hint of soreness. The anal sphincter was very very tight. I did my best to relax, breathe deeply, and become aroused to insert. It still took approximately 25 minutes of gently coaxing before it finally popped in. I also used plenty of lube. Once it was in it felt absolutely amazing. But it did take some time to get the girthiest part of the toy through the anal sphincter.

My question is if I should be concerned about some residual soreness 3 days later? I wouldn’t say I have *pain*, that is too strong a word. But it certainly feels like something slightly thicker than a finger passed through. I feel it a bit more following a bowel movement as well. I assume maybe the tissues are just slightly irritated and the muscles got a bit of a workout? It really is very mild. I would say on a scale of 1 to 100 it is a 2 or 3. But even so, I want to make sure I am safe about continuing this.



  1. I’ll try to help but hopefully a more seasoned user can advise. Keep in mind we cant give you medical advice and you should always talk to your doctor if you’re concerned. However, it sounds like you are very tight and that could explain why you’re having discomfort. The inside of the rectum can get a bit irritated too. Imo you don’t seem too concerned and it will probably go away. My (non-medical) advice is to not worry, don’t engage in play again until you feel normal, but don’t obsess about it, just get on with your week or whatever until it feels normal again. Obsessing about pain can magnify feelings.

    As I said though, if you are concerned, talk to your doctor. I can’t give you medical advice

  2. Something seems off. I mean… 25 minutes to get it in? I’m sure your bowel movements are girthier than an aneros.

  3. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it… Just get that thing back in there again! You will get use to it. 🙂 LOL not a doctor here so seek your own medical advise… but a 2 or a 3…. personally I wouldn’t worry about it.

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