Anyone else’s nipple stimulation feel like it has a time limit?

My nipples seem connected directly to my prostate, but they only stay sensitive for so long. It helps me get going, but idk if I should wait to start touching. Overall, the entire session seems to have a time limit, too. After a couple hours, I just stop feeling anything. (mostly aless lately because I’ve been lazy)



  1. I think the only time limit u have is the arousal state. I have been asking similar questions over and over again, the same sensitive spots sometimes just dont feel as good or have no sensation or lose its sensation after being stimulated for awhile, or the exact same stimulation that worked so well sometimes have no effect at all. I came to a conclusion arousal is the key to its sensitivity. We lose our arousal subconsciously sometimes and consciously greedy for its end result(the super o), thus we try too hard to achieve it and it has no effect. U use the word “lazy”, that sounds like u were not 100 percent into the session that’s why u feel lazy and just want a quick orgasm to feel good, that means ur arousal is weak or fading fast because u are distracted by subconscious feelings and thoughts, being pulled around by then and your arounsal wasn’t able to sustain and amplify. Be more aware of your own subconscious thoughts and feelings, they are the puppet string that control most of our being, once u can control that nothing will hinder your arousal from moving throughout your body.

  2. Yes, I feel like it only lasts so long. I do like the womanizer type of vibrators on my nipples. Anyone else try that yet?

  3. Yes, sometimes nipples will desensitize a little bit. So with this I’ll stop playing with them for a little while during a session. When I feel a wave coming I’ll return back to them momentarily and it heightens the feelings & sensations a bit. Sometimes they can really help a dud session. But I have learned to not solely rely on them for the reason you’ve stated.

  4. Hi, the key for nipple play is change continuously the way, speed.. you use to touch/massage them.
    If you stimulate them without variation, the sensation will lost.
    I don’t know why, but it works this way for lots of people.

    Also you must be focus on them and the pleasure they give you. If you are thinking on other stuff, the arousal will go

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