Had first HFWO and possibly a mini o (not in that order) – my thoughts

Don’t be afraid to skip a step if it’s not working for you, i.e. focusing on breath. The “do nothing” is a good start to *beginning* pleasurable feelings, but if today taught me anything, it’s that it is super important to contract at times. Also: listen to your penis. He knows when it’s time. One of my biggest pitfalls seems to have been spending too much time searching for porn and opening a bunch of tabs – Aneros sessions aren’t the best time to be reading hentai. Remember: we are prostate monks of the Order of Aneros, and you gotta be patient and trust your xp bar to be filling itself, even if you can’t see it. Don’t be too focused, but don’t be to distracted. And stop thinking about what other people say to focus – use those as a foundation for finding *what feels good* and when you know what feels good, stop thinking so much. Also, the mini o felt pretty similar to the wet o, so be careful where you’re aiming.

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  1. order of aneros…..Keepers of the p spot.

    don’t chase the o. let it find you. enjoy the sensations.

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