Percussion massager + aneros progasm = home run

So we recently got one of those percussion gun massagers that are actually pretty good for massaging. Anyway, today was a the day my wife was too be my slave, and a sports massage was on the table. I put the aneros and usually about 30 to 45 minutes before actual play time for warm up. During that 30 to 45 minutes time we either play video games or take time to massage or whatever.

As stated earlier, today I wanted to be massaged as yesterday was a pretty hard workout. So she worked on my legs and my upper and lower back and every time she would get close to my ass cheeks the aneros would vibrate violently on my prostate… it was going to make me come up off the bed!!! She saw my reaction and slowly adjusted the angle and intensity. In 10 minutes i was almost mush, she flip me over kept the same intensity with the massager and slowly jacked me off, I was done in less than 5 minutes and the orgasm was every bit of a 10


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