aless orgasm help?

not in a position where I can get an use an aneros, but I’d like to experience an aless orgasm.

Some background – I’ve used stiff anal beads to have orgasms where I aggressively toy prostate and basically empty my bladder amidst endless full body orgasm.

I’ve been practicing as much as possible throughout the day sitting and doing kegels, the rolling ones from asshole to cock. i’ve gotten close but.. what am I doing wrong?


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  1. One thing that has helped strengthen my Aless sessions is incorporating a little nipple play. Continue doing kegels as that’s a big key to Aless. Also make sure you’re mindset is right. Meaning doing it when you’re relaxed & feeling naturally aroused. If you’re not mentally feeling it, wait and do it at a better time when you’re aroused. It’ll just be stronger & better later anyway.

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