Does Depression have an effect being able to feel prostate pleasure or have Super-Os?

25, 260lbs, 5’7.

Extremely Depressed, it’s creeped up over the past few months to a very high rate. And yes, I’ve lost a lot of pleasure in other things that I usually like doing, I just don’t feel like doing them anymore. Which is what got me thinking about this question.

I’ve experienced lately that, when I try to have aneros sessions, even if I hold off on masturbation for a few days. I barely feel any physical or mental pleasure from the aneros, or it happens for a minute or two and then just completely dies down, and doesn’t return for the rest of the session.

So, wanted to hear from anyone who has ever been in a similar position or have any input. What are your thoughts on this matter?



  1. I’ve had the exact same question, for what it’s worth. I’m fluctuating between severe depression (diagnosed 2 years ago) and functionally depressed (low but working through) and I definitely feel like when I’m on the lower end of that spectrum, it’s harder to get results.

    In my case it was more noticeable with edging/jerking off, where either I’d struggle to get hard or to maintain an erection. Kinda put it down to a struggle to maintain arousal, hence why it impacted Aneros success too. When this is less noticeable with jerking, I tend to have more success Anerosing (new verb!). I suspect it comes down to the mental aspects of prostate play – you know, don’t have strong expectations for success/progress, have a clear calm mind etc.

    No magic solution to offer you, I’m afraid, though maybe knowing you’re not alone is some comfort? If you’re finding this frustrating, I suspect the way forward will be to put the toy away for a while and focus on your mental health. This year has definitely impacted lots of us, and whilst I don’t know your situation it’s good to acknowledge you’re having a tough time. Think about meds and/or therapy, it can be helpful if they’re available options. And make sure you have someone to share with. Then, fingers crossed, you’ll start moving in a better direction and you can start playing again with more success.

    Hang in there bro!

  2. I’ve always suffered with anxiety and depression hut 18months extremely stressed and notice a reduction in number of errctions and how long they last. This is reflected in my aneros sessions as I struggle to maintain arousal and concentration. No way I’m taking anti-depressants again though.

  3. As my depression set in, I developed a premature ejaculation problem.

    As I got treated and went on citalopram, it swung the opposite direction to near anorgasmia.

    Erections and arousal are there, but finishing solo is a challenge, finishing with a partner is an epic challenge and so far, finishing with aneros eludes me.


    I will say, I’m having more fun with the aneros and vaginal sex to non-completion than I am with masturbation to completion.

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