Progress after 15 Years! (And Sore Abs)

I’ve been using the Aneros (on and off) for about 15 years. Many different models. I’d really just given up on it. I’d gotten some involuntaries, a hard on and mild “nice” feelings with the Aneros in the past, but never understood what all these other people were raving about. However, I tried the Helix Trident Syn for the 1st time and WOW: I really feel like I had a breakthrough session with it (Finally!)

But this time, I really felt something stronger against my prostate and tried hard not to be alarmed by the unexpected feelings the aneros produces. I think there was post about this called “Terror At The Gates” It’s easy to lose focus when these uncontrollable and new physical reactions suddenly take over our bodies. I just kept telling myself, *”Don’t be afraid” “It’s OK to be scared”* and the feelings just started to get more and more exhilarating.

In any case, my heart was pounding in its chest and the blood rushing in my ears as if I was gonna have a heart attack. The Helix Trident really moved against my prostate in a discernable way and I started to cover my mouth with my hand to stop the teenage girl squeals that I couldn’t help but vocalize. It was wild!

The pleasure was certainly more subtle though, with peaks and valleys that came and went 2-3 times. Not a HUGE penile orgasm like I would traditionally expect, but much more of a full-body “sensual/erotic massage” in my backdoor that seemed to build in waves coupled with some intense, endorphin head rushes. It really felt at one moment that time stopped for a few seconds and I reached some sort of full-body silent blackout while clutching my pillow as if my life depended on it. Weird.

It ended when I rolled onto my hands and knees, the pulsing returned again with some sexual feelings, but then my stomach suddenly contracted inwards and my abs literally cramped Hard- OUCH (I’ve read about this happening to others). I stopped at this point, energized and excited at my new progress. But my abs still hurt the next day as I write this- as if I’d overdone too many crunches at the gym.

But the whole experience absolutely felt positive, fun and encouraging after so many years of feeling disappointed and putting the Aneros’s away in their box to gather dust. Can’t wait to try it again now! 



  1. Wow amazing! It’s a shame it’s taken a long but it’s absolutely great you’ve had a breakthrough. Encouragement for other guys who’ve spent a long time on this too. So crazy. Keep us up to date please 😄 so is it just the new device you put down to this breakthrough?

  2. The blood rushing to your ears…I get that sometimes and I always back off because it feels like my head is about to explode. Are you saying that that is a normal part of the experience and I should not back off when that happens? Thank you!

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