What am I doing wrong?

I bought a Progasm a few years ago and it pretty much just feels like a glorified butt plug. I don’t even know what prostate stimulation is supposed to feel like. Because of this, I rarely use it. I do do kegels regularly, even have an app for it that tracks exercise and reminds me. But still nothing.

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  1. I could be wrong. But is this your first time playing with your prostate? If you are, then the Progasm isn’t beginner friendly.


    Personally from my experience, prostate stimulation supposed to feel… orgasmic? The feeling grows as you massage your prostate. It starts with tingles in your pelvic region. As you progress, you get this continuous wave of pleasure washing across your body. This is what it’s called P-Wave and honestly it felt like a mini orgasm. After that you may experience a prostate orgasm. It’s basically the orgasm feeling x 1000 around your pelvic region. As you practice, you’ll get what it’s called a super-O. This is where you’ll be in the state of eternal orgasmic bliss.


    My 2¢, start with the Aneros Helix Trident/MGX.

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