My for a first time… what am I feeling?

So got my first in the mail yesterday. I’ve been debating something like this for a few years, so when I decided to pull the trigger, it had me worked up. I spent a lot of time reading everything I could on what to expect. So maybe I’m just not sure what I’m feeling here.

So I cleaned it, lubed it and inserted it…

Insertion was easier than I expected. This something I really expected a problem with.

Now I don’t know if it was the excitement of trying something new or I was feeling something else. It felt
Very good inside, gentle but noticeably pleasurable feeling that I am pretty sure were originating from my prostate. But since I’ve not experienced this before I’d say if I had to describe some of the feelings I’d say felt kind of like at the very inside base of my penis. If we’re scaling… maybe 2/10

A few little ripple feelings felt like they collected from my hip joints ran up my spine. Nothing orgasmic level, but very nice and I could see how the two of these could lead to something. This was a little more 2.5-3?

Am I imagining things? Is it just being turned on about the adventure? Or are these the beginnings that people talk about?

I wasn’t expecting much out of the first time, though I hoped. I also know that…that time isn’t related to next time and I may feel nothing in the next 30 tries.

But what was that???



  1. You’re experiencing new sensations, of course they will feel great. That excitement will turn into a much more arousal sense eventually.

  2. Yeah, you were stimulating your prostate, which is basically the “root” of the penis.

  3. Thanks guys.

    I was hoping that there was something. And it sounds like there was. Definitely motivated to keep trying now.

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