Few questions from a beginner

Hi everyone! I’ve had an helix for a few months and never had any pleasure from it the few times I’ve tried it. I just found this subreddit and now I’m motivated to learn to use it correctly. I’ve a few questions:

– Smoking weed seems to be quite popular in combination with the helix here. Is it something you recommend using to facilitate the process or is it something I should try when I’ll be more experienced with the helix? I already vaporize almost everyday; should I play with the helix before or after vaporizing or should i take a break from weed for now? (I’m in Canada so I’m not doing anything illegal 😉)
– this may sound silly but are you supposed to already be horny when you insert the helix? I tend to get impatient when I’m hard so relaxing could be an issue.
– can anal stretching help or interfere with the helix? I’ve been stretching my anus and rectum for a month now and I’m used to wear plugs everyday going from 7,5 to 9,3 inches in circumference. I must say that up to now I’ve had much more prostate sensations with these plugs or when having anal sex with my bf then the helix, so I think I know what kind of feelings to expect.
– I read music can help with the relaxation part. What type of music do you listen when you relax, if you do listen to music when playing with the helix? I’m a bit fan of drone music but I’m curious if you have recommendations 🙂

That’s all for now, thanks in advance for the help folks!

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  1. I can’t answer your question about anal stretching as I don’t know anything about that, but I can give the rest a go.

    Smoking weed before your session is ideal. I also vaporise but have tried an edible once and that was a blast! It wakes my prostate and allows me to explore the area with a much more open mind and stay relaxed. You really really have to be relaxed, impatience is a big killer with prostate play as the build up of pleasure is subtle and takes a lot of time. As soon as you give it too much attention, or your mind wonders off, you can lose it. If you have an orgasm on your mind as a goal, that’s also a huge killer too.

    As for music I have had a little success with binaural beats. Just search for binaural beats prostate orgasm on YouTube. Relaxing music can work well sometimes, but weirdly the other night I took some mushrooms, smoked some weed with some friends and they started to mix some old school house music with some strong base. At one point my prostate started to pulse strongly to the base, but it was a bit weird with people around me, so I had to suppress that unfortunately.

  2. Those are all good questions. I’m pretty experienced in this area and could possibly help. But what works for one person may not work for everyone, so some trial and error is required.

    For me, smoking weed is a great way to get into the mood and relax, but if I get too high, my mind wanders and it’s hard for me to focus on the sensations of the Helix. But once I’m in the zone and really feeling it, then a few more hits really help. It just takes time and patience to get to that place. A couple well times popper hits can really help get you over the edge too.

    Being horny is a must. I’ve tried to “force” myself into being turned on enough for aneros play only because I’ve had the time to dedicate to it on a specific day. But if you’re not feeling it, then you really have an uphill battle. For me, I have to be turned on so watching porn or whatever it takes to get you there mentally is important.

    The anal stretching itself probably wouldn’t affect the Helix or how it works as far as it pivoting to hit your spot. But if your plugs go deep enough to hit your prostate on their own, then it might. If your prostate is getting stimulated regularly from plugs over a long period of time, then your body could just be getting used to it and the Helix may not be as effective. You may want to take a break from the stretching for a short time before you try another session with the Helix to build up the sensitivity. Much like touching your dick for the first time after a while of not stroking, it becomes more sensitive and pleasurable.

    Binaural beats work really well for me, or any kind of music or sounds that are repetitive and I can zone out on. Anything with singing or crazy musical transitions tend to be too distracting for me. I need to turn my mind off, forget everything from the day, and focus totally on the feeling. And binaural beats help with that. Youtube have some as well as many porn vids that are made to help you get into a trance. You don’t have to watch the vids, just listen to them.

    Again, everyone is different. Here’s a site I found that helped me when I was starting out.

    Good luck! Keep practicing and you’ll get there!

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