Should I get another one

I’ve asked a similar question before, but maybe on another forum.
I currently have the aneros helix syn trident.
Ive had it since around may this year. Feel like I’m not getting anywhere with it. Now I’ve heard of people changing to something else and it works out perfectly for them.
I’m thinking 3 things
1- I buy a different one and see what happens
2 – I haven’t fully grasped how to use it fully yet and the same thing will happen to the next one
3 – I stick at it for a while longer.

I sometimes feel I do better without it. With kegals


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  1. It’s really different person to person. Although the syn trident has been reported to be an excellent beginner toy, it does require a lot of training. You need to use different muscles to move it around that you haven’t used before, and get to the point where these muscles move the toy involuntarily. It’s tough to grasp initially.

    The toy is definitely well shaped to reach the prostate, so if you’re not feeling much then it’s likely you haven’t grasped it yet. That being said, a bigger or different toy will give you different feed back and kick start some decent progress. I’ve read that quite a bit on here and most have mentioned that when they’ve gone back to their trident later on they’ve reached great pleasure with it.

    Personally I’ve been at this since July with two toys, a Chinese knock off of the aneros vice 2 and an authentic syn trident. The vice gives me a very full feeling which at the beginning I didn’t like, it also doesn’t leave much room for movement. The trident didn’t do too much to begin with, but after practicing some stuff with I made some progress. From there I found that smoking weed and going into my sessions relaxed and open minded really really helped. It is definitely more of a mental game, as once I dropped the goal of orgasm and strict ideas of how it should be done, I reached great pleasure.

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