Is it possible that the Aneros is just plain missing the prostate?

Basically title. I’ve owned a MGX for a few years now, but never felt much with it. On the other hand I’ve always enjoyed fingering myself, to the point that I can make myself cum that way quite reliably, provided that I’m in the mood. For the record, the orgasm is still ‘traditional’, in the sense that I actually cum and get the refractory period.

Now, I still can’t really pinpoint my prostate, but with my fingers I never need to go any further than the first two phalanges, i.e. 2-2.5″, while the insertable length of the MGX is about 4″. So, is it possible that the MGX (but really, any Aneros) hits just too far? Anyone had a similar experience?



  1. Same here. I think using your fingers controls the pressure and angle. W the MHX, I think it fits more naturally and there’s no angled pressure yo get w your fingers. Either way, I have yet to really experience anything from play

  2. I guess its possible. With most men, any model should be able to reach their prostate. The prostate can vary a little in position from man to man, so any given model could also have a different amount of pressure on the prostate, depending on where the massager is making contact with the prostate. Really though, I don’t think 2 to 2.5 inches is where its at. Its going to average about 4 inches in, hence that’s why all aneros massagers are around this length. You will feel a small bump in there with your fingers, and possibly feel like you need to pee when you touch your prostate. Don’t give up, it can take time to reap the full aneros benefits.

  3. With your fingers you apply pressure thats why the wet orgasm .
    Aneros rather just slightly touches it repeatedly when it works well.

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