Is it possible to become addicted?

Is possible to become addicted to the super O? I have an addictive personality, but I would love to continue down the aneros super O path. Will this mess me up?
Will I think a regular orgasm with my wife be not as good anymore if I can start getting major prostate orgasms?
Thoughts and/or experiences?



  1. It’s easily quite possible for one to become addicted. All one has to do is read this subreddit to find examples of obsession and addiction.

  2. Is it really addiction if you’ve masturbated since being like 13 probably

  3. Yes but it’s not the same as other kinds of addictions that can ruin your life. Definition of addiction is when the thing you’re addicted to causes negative consequences. If there are no negatives then it’s not addiction

  4. As with pretty much anything that we attach to, we can get addicted to it. I’m not saying that being addicted to pleasure is a bad thing in general but it can surely can impede you. Look at some of the posts here, people who obsessively use “it” lose the magic at a certain point. It’s stimulation, every stimulation you can become used to thus it’s getting less exciting. If you just enjoy it – nothing wrong about it, but don’t over-do it. Be in balance and you’ll be fine

  5. I think I went through a small spout of addiction. The prostate orgasms are so amazing that I was preferring them to orgasms from sex.

    This was all at the height of my rewire. When I first started consistently getting super O’s. I was just blown away from the pleasure and wanted to keep going back. However this only lasted about 2months, and I got really good at “feeling” everything and able to really control my muscles and pinpoint pleasures and trigger feelings even without a toy.

    That’s when things changed. I started instructing my wife to touch me in places o would touch myself during play. I started doing light kegels and holds during oral and foreplay. I even learned how to have multiple dry orgasms during sex with her end finish with wet orgasms. Right now sex is way better than it’s ever been in my life all because of the prostate awakening.

    Can it be addicting. Yes. Ruin your sex life? Eh. Only if you let it. Set a goal to incorporate some of the feelings and motions into sex and you’ll do the opposite of your fear. You’ll want more sex with her and it will feel 100x better.

  6. I think sex addiction can come in many forms, and I’m sure there are people that have a problem with masturbating (penis/prostate) interfering with their life.

    I’ll say, personally, the first 2 months or so after figuring it out, I was maybe a little out of control lol. Like, you were moaning for 2 hours already today, do you need to do it again? But, as I figured it out more and had a lot of ups and some dude, it evened out. I don’t think about it non stop and prefer it over regular sex.

    As dumb as it sounds, the novelty wears off. When you first jacked off, I’m sure it was the same way. Like getting a new toy, it’s fucking fantastic at first, then it becomes regular. Don’t worry too much.

  7. What will change , I mean what chnaged for me is I dont really feel like jerking off. Possibility is there but then I think meeeh, there are more fun ways .Its prostate or real sex. What the problem is if I get tense and frustrated orgasm helps, but if there is no time for prostate, or sex is not there and you dont want to jerkoff then it will be a hard time. Lesson here: sometimes you need to do things you dont feel like doing 😀

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