Does using it during masturbation make you train and contract your pc muscle?

What the title says. I’ve only used it 3 times but haven’t used it often cause of work and school. Although it is really common to not feel anything at all for the first few tries, does using while masturbating help you build it?

Like I don’t know how to explain this but when you ejaculate, your pc muscles contract and the prostate plays a role with semen and ejaculating. If I use it during when I masturbate, will it enhance my feeling and actually make me feel something something down there and somewhat build up later on? I don’t really know how to explain it haha.

Just wondering if it will train my prostate since I’ve only started recently and haven’t felt anything yet.



  1. It will definitely make the orgasm better but help you train no I dont think so every one is pretty uniformly in agreement that you shouldnt touch your penis

    Couple if things that clicked for me was it took a long time for these things to work

    1. Do nothing just relax with it and breath deep and rhythmic, breath not so much in your lungs but with your stomach if you know what I mean

    2. Abstain from release for like a week it is no nut November after all.

    3. If/when you get any twitches or pleasure it’s a win dont go in to a session expecting things to happen they wont rewireing can take along time

    4. A little bit of devils lettuce goes a long way (for me)

    It’s journy not a race.

  2. Mastrubating with the Aneros will feel great. But it could be psychologically dangerous. Your journey is to separate prostate pleasure from penis pleasure not associate them.

    I do think it’s fine though (and common) to finish a good long Aneros only. No penis touching, session with a jack off as a “reward”

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