1. You might feel soreness in your prostate and anus for a few days if you are really pushing it. Besides that I’m not aware of any other negative effects, but I’m certainly no expert.

  2. It all depends on lubrication. As long as you are still lubricated, things should be smooth. I have had sessions of over 90 minutes without needing to refresh lubrication.

  3. I’ve slept with nearly every Aneros. I wore my Tempo for 10hrs yesterday.

    A good silicone lube will last forever and you should have much problem.

    I’ve never had sex with one in, but yesterday I did daily activities and I e done that before. Our body will tell you to pull it out of it needs to be. If you feel uncomfortable get it out. It won’t get better. This is a sign you need to take it out.

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