3rd session – was I on the right track?

Just had my third aneros session, with a progasm. Yeah I know it’s not the best for a beginner but I liked the size of it. Anyway, my first two sessions nothing happened at all and I didn’t even know if it was hitting my prostate or not, so I was a bit disappointed and maybe thought it wasn’t the right one for me, I was also aware that there’s a common experience of not feeling anything. So this time I did a bit more reading and tried to take it as slow as possible. I was on my side originally as it says in the user guide and just started flexing as slowly as possible. I was just relaxing and taking my time with it, then suddenly I was getting a rush of adrenaline, my dick was getting hard and my breathing was getting faster, and I started getting some horny thoughts. It was exciting but it subsided. It happened again and subsided. Next I laid on my front, and managed to get that feeling again, but my body was starting to convulse almost on its own and I started thrusting as well. I wanted to chase that feeling again, it felt like a buildup to an orgasm but nothing happened in the end. Interestingly enough I didn’t get any fluid or precum from my dick throughout the entire session, or the “pee” feeling, I got up and had a piss halfway through but didn’t know if that had anything to do with the session. Would like to know your thoughts and if this is what it’s supposed to feel like.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/jrbdor/3rd_session_was_i_on_the_right_track/


  1. I would say that for this just being your third session that it is going pretty good! And it will only get better! When you first start out, its like your prostate “awakens”… But trust me… it’s going to keep on building and building. Eventually your going to feel like you are having an exorcism lol…whole body will start shaking uncontrollably !! Keep going!

  2. For third session you’re doing great! Already getting uncontrolled spasms.

    Few tips:

    To make Pro rides better work those kegels in between rides. Need strong muscles to get Pro to really work you good.

    I like some light contractions at first to get things going

    Don’t “chase” those feelings. Relax into them and marvel at how your body has awoken to new sexual pleasure.

    Happy riding!

  3. Nice work! 🙂 Even though it makes you stop for a moment, I recommend you to not be afraid to go pee if you feel like you need it for real and keep the aneros inside (or you can use the opportunity to relube the toy). Just yesterday, I did loose after an hour my arousal and the whole thrusting effect while I was feeling an urge to go pee. I decided to go, thinking the session was finished but I still felt nice feelings from the aneros while I was walking to the bathroom. I decided to keep it there to see what it would do and when I got back to the couch where I was laying, I got a few other waves of pleasure quite quickly.

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