1. Interesting. I only have water-based. My Eupho Trident is supposed to be delivered today. Needless to say, I’m jacked, so to speak. It will be a nice complement to my Fleshlight.

  2. I read that vaseline is not the best type of lube to use as it sticks to skin more than any other lube and won’t dissolve in water. It can be an health risk if unwanted bacteria start to spread in it. Have you tried coconut oil? It seems to be a safer alternative if you really need an oil-based lube.

  3. Premium silicone is a good alternative, just keep it away from silicone syn Aneros toys as it degrades them. But fine with the plastic Aneros toys, last a very long time.

  4. Leaving water based lube was a game changer to me. Lube does matter.

    However the comment about using only Vaseline is true. I wouldn’t use that. Go get yourself some good quality silicone lube from your local sex toy shop. I’ve used the following brands and like them all.

    Listed from my favorite to least. But even the least favorite is better than water based.


    Fuck Water


    Gun Oil

  5. I recently switched to silicone based lube (KY True Feel) and, even though its messier and harder to clean, I really like how much better things move. Even with a lube injector, water-based lube just did not last for me.

    Movement seems super important. I switched to silicone lube with my Progasm and it helped a lot but in the end, even though I liked the fullness of the Progasm, I picked up a Helix Trident (non-syn). I see exciting progress with the increased mobility.

    When the Helix Trident start sliding around it is pretty special. I do add a couple of drops after a while but it’s fun for much longer.

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