Rush happiness release?

Don’t know if everyone who had gotten a super O experienced the same, but with me, every time I get go get a super O, it comes along with a lot of pleasure, happiness, and ecstasy in a way that I hadn’t felt over years. The energy and happiness boost is so strong that you can’t stop laughing, smiling. Have you guys gotten any similar feelings?

It just feels like nothing else in the world matters. All you can care about is to enjoy that huge rush in happiness that lasts for about 5 min



  1. OMG yess!! I have the same experience as well! That surge of pure bliss is what makes it all worth the play after so many years of exploring. After a minute of that continuous bliss you will start to tear up and smile..while you continue taking in all pure pleasure your prostate can bring to your body.. it’s just amazing.

  2. You nailed it. Pleasure, happiness, satisfaction, energy and that big smile/laughter. It lasts for a long time too. And there is also a sudden “peace” feeling if you can relate?

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