My recent discoveries leading to HFDO, and the surprising results of am “upgrade” to a Progasm

Tldr, recently finally figured out some Aneros secrets and upgraded to a larger model that rocked me, but I still wouldn’t necessarily replace the smaller one, it wasn’t necessarily better, but a good difference.

The following was a lot voice to text trying to explain what I was feeling so I could use it as a guide later on, but when editing to make sense of it, I realized it was journalistic and informative, so I thought I would share.

A quick about me, I bought the Aneros Trident (MGX) many years ago after seeing a post on Reddit about the male gspot, and it seemed legit, so I ordered one. I enjoyed using it, bought a slew of different toys, found one kind of U shaped silicone toy that worked one time for a cum spurting, black out and wake up after, crazy prostate orgasm many years ago and my journey since then has been some good jerking off or sex sessions with some anal attention, and have not been able to find that magic again. It was a lot of intense rubbing, and after that all my attempts left me feeling like I had been pushing too hard, or not getting there and feeling like I was no longer interested and stopping.

My wife and I occasionally indulge in some pegging, and that’s kind of where my revitalized Aneros journey began anew.

Quarantine is kind of boring and after trying to make a baby happen, well, we did, so while that’s exciting, the daily sex understandably diminished. Focusing that energy a little, I figured that if I could learn more about what makes the prostate tick, we could make better use of those pegging sessions when time and energy allowed. All my pegging experience before this resulted in what I will call “pretty good orgasms”. Not prostate derived, but definitely in partnership.

The thing that really helped me with breaking through is two simple things. I started putting in the Aneros without the intention of orgasm, but to help me build the strength in the muscle groups that aid in PO (prostate orgasms). Slowly building up pressure and clenching, then slowly letting it back off, as I built up the pelvic floor and ass muscles independently, I could start to feel the different individual muscles instead of whole groups. The second simple thing was once I had the muscle strength, I started to be able to direct the muscles involved in emission inducing orgasms and could feel like I was having dry orgasms that felt wonderful, but I could tell I was controlling and not letting it happen.

One night anticipating some pegging later on that evening, I warmed up with the two thoughts on my mind from the previous paragraph, I got to a good spot, then I started to relax, and I could feel that I might cum. I held back since I was thinking I’d save it for my partner. She got home and her pregnant body had something else in mind, so I obliged.

But later that night I thought, “what if that was a prostate orgasm coming?,” and I decided I would try again the next day and find out.

I got myself in the same space and went through the same routine, this time letting go and I began to have dry O after dry O, rocking and rolling, crashing and shaking, some super O’s where it felt like 25 dry orgasms stacked up and fell like dominos of pleasure.

After two or three also successful sessions a week for the next few weeks, I knew I had achieved greatness and was very interested in what other powers I could unlock, not with a particular goal, but happy to find what I could.

Which brings me to today.

Switching from the Trident to the Progasm (Ice) was definitely an enticing thought after having a series of successes with the former. I had just received my new Progasm today so I wanted to try it out, but I knew I would need to warm up with the slimmer Trident before moving to the much girthier Progasm.

While the sensations were very familiar, not too long after adjusting to the larger item, I began to have several very powerful hands-free dry orgasms. However, they were much different than the sensations I felt with the smaller model. These were felt much more in the lower body than with the Trident, increasing in intensity slightly and then turning into a more full body experience, but sort of flipping back and forth between kicking legs and feeling it through my whole body. Contrasted with the Trident, which would deliver increasing intensity POs but with more subtle differences from one another with variable intensity and increased frequency.

The Progasm definitely gave me stronger orgasms however they were far more independent of one another and never got close to rolling into each other like with the Trident.

The light and delicate movements were also much more intense.

I would equate the difference between models to slowly being massaged with a finger while having a long string of mild to strong orgasms to where the Progasm left me, which was more like legs shaking, cock flapping and slapping against my stomach, getting fucked. I required a small amount of time off in between each attempt at orgasm, more than just needing to catch my breath.

After getting started on my back, I moved to my side. Which is always a welcome change in sensations because each time you rotate you feel like you’re moving on to another level.

As I was getting deeper into the throes of the Progasm, this was the first time in these sessions that I began to notice some distractions that I had not eliminated. I shut off the lights and removed my pj pants, the brightness and feeling of my cock being inhibited was taking me out of the mindset and I immediately shut off the lights and set down my phone where I had been looking at pornography to set my mood and got comfortable.

After a few more incredible full body orgasms, I was surprised at how disconnected my cock was feeling from the process, almost being a little numb. I don’t usually stimulate my penis when I use the Trident but I can usually at least notice it’s presence, but it felt very different as it was slamming against my belly button fully erect.

Then over to my back again.

After having a body bending orgasm, I curiously reached down to touch myself and barely held the head of my penis, not stroking, but just using my thumb and forefinger and rubbing around the glans like I was stimulating a woman’s clitoris. Moments after making contact, my body got sent into shaking over drive with an intense dry orgasm. This was surprising to me, usually any contact with my penis is distracting, but just a flutter immediately delivered.

One of the most interesting differences between the two models was the Progasm felt like after each orgasm that I would have been perfectly fine with just stopping right there but because it was attempt number one with the new Aneros, I felt like I should continue to push on.

After spending a good amount of time with a pillow under my back, I went back to my side again.

This time it did not feel like getting fucked, it felt like getting very aggressively thumbed on the prostate by an angry prostitute in Amsterdam trying to win a thumb war, but a skillful one for sure.

Once again I was having some full body orgasms but more balanced then the crazy kicking legs from when I was on my back, I brought my knees up to my chest and once again felt like I was being fucked hard to orgasm, after getting almost there again I was able to reach down, gently slide back my foreskin, and just barely touch the edge of my head, I let go instantly and had another full body orgasm. After a slight cool down, I felt the involuntaries kicking back into high gear, and interested in repeating my last attempt, performed the same maneuver on my penis, and instantly had another hands free, this time along with my body kicking and a similar relaxation to what comes after a penile orgasm, I felt what seemed like was going to be a hands free wet orgasm coming right after, and as I felt the exact sequence of muscles flexing and spasming as if I was about to douse my leg in a sea of cum, nothing came out. I only knew I didn’t cum because I couldn’t feel the stickiness after. I reached down and felt just a little precum, and decided that was a good spot to end on and clean up. Can’t be too greedy. But what an experience.

Some tips: When on your side and you feel auto fucking involuntaries coming, try to reach down and lift up on your butt cheek a little bit, as it frees up any resistance to free Aneros movement.

The harder I tried to guide myself, the further I strayed from being able to PO. While guiding my muscle tension with purpose helps awaken my prostate, it’s definitely counter productive to the best orgasms.

As to how much more intense the Progasm was? The only way that I can truly describe it is feeling like there is only one location in the entire universe and it’s located in your ass and being touched by God.



  1. Excellent!

    What difference do you make between guiding yourself and guiding your muscle tension?

    The Aneros wiki says it is all about relaxation. But does it mean it is best to breathe and relax your body when the involuntaries push your butt in the air? Or should you let your body tense when your muscles force you in surprising poses?

  2. Let me just say that I am 100% here for this type of detailed, long-form write-up. They take time to write, but are super helpful resources. Appreciate the work brother.

    I’m at a place where I’ve had a handful of amazing sessions either reaching or very nearly approaching a super-O (it’s so hard to know if you’ve hit the ultimate peak or if there’s more to go!) but I’m struggling to be able to get there reliably. But your write-up included details I’ve not thought about in recent sessions so I’ll be trying again soon!

  3. Woohh, nice!
    I am still waiting for my Helix Trident! I hope that I will have the same experience as you!

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