I turned my decade of experimentation and research into a guide


I created a free ebook with the techniques and ideas I used to finally achieve multiple, full body orgasms after a decade of experimentation and research. I learned a lot from this and other communities, but there are several points I differ on.

If you find your prostate journey “stuck”, give it a try.

Thanks for reading

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/jwmeky/i_turned_my_decade_of_experimentation_and/


  1. I’ll definitely read it! I’ve been searching for tips but just did it once and touching my penis to a point in which I was very aroused and didn’t need to touch it anymore.

  2. Thanks Mate!

    Have been experimenting on and off, and would like to get to next level.

    Great to share what has worked for you.

  3. Hopefully one day someone knows how to help us “Low Prostate Sensitivity” Men 😔

  4. Wow this is super interesting ! I’ve had full body orgasms three years ago with an aneros, but nothing happened since then. I like your vision of harmonic orgasms, which is really the best way to describe what I felt.

  5. Just read through. Long time Aneros user and it’s nice to have some fresh perspectives and visual cues. I used your link for the lovense edge. Looking forward to trying it out! Thanks!

  6. I’m probably around your length of experience, and i have to say that i love your thoughts and appreciate your work. There are many things i totally agree on but there are some things i highly disagree with too.

    For example you stated that sexual pleasure is more difficult to achieve for women. That can certainly be true but the reasons you are stating can be worked on imo. Social structures and gender roles are partaking a huge impact, as society is very sex-positive when it comes to males. But on the other hand is very sex-negative in regards of female needs. Just to not make it over complicated: a male that has loads of sex/partners is seen as a “hero” – a woman with loads of sex/partners is seen as a “slut” (excuse the word). This creates a sort of pressure and limits the will for further exploration. There is unnecessary shame and guilt. Kinda the same as why lots of males are repulsed by the idea of receptive anal. Social stigma plays a bigger role then we might think. Don’t even wanna start with the non-sense the christian church is promoting when it comes to sex.

    I hope you don’t mind CC

    Thanks for sharing tho, my god, this is really awesome 👏🏻

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