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  1. I have a Helix Syn, pro jr., and Progasm. I think the pro jr. is a good step up from the Helix. It’s less delicate than the Helix and I find that it tends to ramp up faster than the Helix.

    I’d say the difference for me is like this: The Helix is a much slower climb up to the first big peak, then back down about 3/4 of the way before building again, and so on with the descent getting smaller each time.

    The pro jr. starts out already about halfway up, so the first big peak hits faster, but with less build up, it doesn’t hit as hard. But it also has less descent to begin with, so I tend to peak again faster and faster with it.

    I tend to cycle through the toys since they each produce unique sessions. I will say that the Helix is much more comfortable if you will be sitting upright with it in for an extended period because of the material. But the size difference between the two isn’t going to feel terribly different from my experience–though it definitely will the first time or two. Just use a bit more lube than you think you’ll need at first.

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