And after 7 years I think I’m getting somewhere 😁

So I had some free time and wass like “ah what the heck” lets just chill and see what happens. No high hopes as it never works. Just relax and enjoy it for what It is.

So I did…..

I set a timer for 45 mins and id stop there.

I lubed up and popped my Helix Syn in to place and layed on my bed. Completely naked and placed my feet up on the wall with my knees at around 90 degrees. Just relaxed for a while taking slow deep breaths.

After I got fully comfortable I slowly started squeeze my PC muscles and holding them for as long as I could as I relaxed I exhaled. I repeated this cycle having a good couple of breaths between squeezing. Eventually I started to feel a subtle warming right behind the pubic bone.

The best way I can describe it and I’m sure you’ll all know. That initial feeling where you’re like “oh, if carry on like this im going to cum” feeling.

It slowly grew and slowly went away. So I squeezeed again. It it came back.

I had a brief moment where It away went completely. But I stayed with it and It came back again this time every time I felt like it was as much of a warming feeling I was going to get I would squeeze again. And then relax.


By this point the alarm sounded. Yeah that was dismissed pretty fast. Im not stopping here!

I just couldn’t believe it it started to feel bloody fantastic. I was groaning on a solo session it was unreal.

There was so much pre cum dripping away it filled my belly button 🤭 and was running down my weist.

I had to stop it was getting too much I thought I wasbgonna pee all over the bed 😄

But yeah I couldn’t belive it. Its honestly true just relax breathe sound deeply and contract you PC muscles slowly and as hard as you can for as long as you can then release. It does take time but it really does work!

And one thing. The Aneros Helix Syn is truly magic. I’ve tried so many toys. Some eye wateringly (not in a good way) expensive and felt nothing

£50 from a popular UK Online store and this is the one!! Basic and perfect!!

Hope you enjoyed my experience

Cant wait to go again. I might be finally getting somewhere 😁



  1. I started using an aneros about six months ago, and I don’t really feel anything. I heard that the PC contractions should be very light, but you said that it worked for you when you did it as hard and as long as you could. Do you need to start out with light contractions and build up to hard ones?

    For the breathing, are you doing deep breathes similar to meditation?

  2. Sounds exactly like how it worked fit me! As soon as you just accept it for what it is and stop trying to cum, the magic happens!

  3. From other experiences I’ve read, if you ignored the “I’m about to pee!” feeling and kept going, the super-o was right around the corner.

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