what position is best ?

tonight is night 2 of using my helix syn that just came in the mail. it only feels like its barely scratching the sweet spot compared to my makeshift toy i used to use. im going to get some work done with it inside for about an hour and then ill really focus on the pc squeezes. what position maximizes how deep it goes and pleasure for you guys ?

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  1. Depends for me. The best sessions have been when I work my way through the three main ones.

    I start on my back, knees up, then shift to my side with one leg straight and the other bent up towards my chest, and then finally on my front.

    After reading around for a while, I don’t remember seeing any other positions mentioned than those three. I may be mistaken though.

    Take your time. See what works best for you. Don’t rush from position to position. Good luck!

  2. the one where you lie on your back with legs crossed (like sitting with crossed legs) stimulates me best, its my own technique

  3. Face down in a spread-eagle position. When the super-O begin it feels like you’re floating on a cloud of orgasmic pleasure.


    I also prop a small pillow around my hips area.

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