How do I reach an orgasm with my Helix?

Recently got a Helix Syn and I’m just wondering how to reach those good feelings with it. I’ve seen stuff online but it is pretty vague. I have managed to reach involuntary contractions, but all they do is make my penis pulse instead of feeling good. Are there any steps or tutorials for this? Any tips on how to make it feel good? Honestly, the only pleasure I’ve gotten from using it can be recognized when I manually masturbate with it inserted.



  1. You’ve heard of the rewiring process, well until your brain rewires and adapts those feelings won’t become pleasurable

  2. I’d spend some time reading various success reports from people, rather then posting a question that has been asked a million times. Should yield you more info

    On a sidenode: orgasm should not be your target or goal – pleasure should be cuz thats where orgasm (peak experience) origins from. So why skip ahead? You don’t learn skydiving by jumping out of a plane immediately!

    Good luck 🍀

  3. Not there yet myself. I was noticing the same thing.

    I am getting some nice feelings but the instructions seem to be… contradictory.

    I see
    1: put it in and allow your body to figure out what it needs… ie the involuntarily contractions.
    2. Put it in and use your PC muscles. (For me, this seems to be the one that are progressing)

    I see a lot of reference to use of marijuana (fine for whomever, not for me) and “poppers” which I don’t even know what those are… personally I want to do this naturally and without chemical inducements and this is another area of contention. Some people swear by those… others make no reference to needing them.I don’t think there is a one size fits all answer for us.

  4. Think the contradictions come from people’s different approaches. There doesn’t seem to be a tried and tested way.

    For me, as soon as it’s in it feels nice. So I just concentrate on that nice feeling and allow it to build. Sometimes it gets me where I want to go, other times it doesn’t. Either way it feels great.

    I think the thing that everyone agrees on, is not to force it. Whatever happens happens. Be content with any nice feelings your body generates. Experiment with what works for you.

    I know that’s as vague as most of the guides, but everyone’s different. There’s not a quick and easy trick to it.

    Best of luck dude.

  5. The prostate orgasm is as elusive as the g spot orgasm. No one method will necessarily work for all people. You must practice different techniques and just enjoy each moment of your session for what it is. Relax, clear your mind, focus on the feelings. Don’t try to push yourself toward an end goal, nor expect it. Even once you master it once, it doesn’t mean you’ll have the orgasm each time.

    You can contract your muscles as if you were trying to hold in a dump, contract and release randomly, do some holds then let go. If you will practice and just use patience and relaxation, you will go far. It’ll hit you during a session, BAM. That’s when you best be ready and just hang on!

  6. If I’m high with 5 mg THC (mouth spray), it feels absolutely amazing and I have reached the orgasms on my second time. Without being high, it does not do much. I guess the rewriting has to happen at some point, but in the mean time, high it is! I have orgasms that are really intense and long (difficult to measure but 30 seconds maybe?). If cannabis is legal where you are go for it. 5 mg of THC is not very high. The THC edges you up a bit and you get “on the edge easily”.

    For OP, there is absolutely no fucking doubt that when you get there you will know.

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