I’m Stuck, But I’d Like to Offer My Progress.

Hi there, I’m a lurker but I’ve decided to share my progress in hopes of getting some advice in what to do next in order to progress. This could also help others too.

So far the most successful method I’ve done is this:

1.) Put it in and relax completely, not even PC contractions. Remember to breathe deeply and with each exhale let go of all tension.

2.) I keep doing it until it feels like I don’t have a toy up my butt. I heard some get a sort of “tickle” in that general area. I don’t get a tickle but more of a noticeable change in feeling.

3.) Now this is when I start playing with my PC muscles. For me, I keep the same rhythm of breathing deeply and slowly, with each inhale I slowly contract then hold. Then with each exhale I slowly relax. After doing this 10-20 times I’ll relax from a contraction and start getting mild involuntary contractions.

4.) Once I get there I just hold the level of contraction that started the involuntaries. I found that playing with my nipples here had great results.

5.) Now here’s where I’m stuck. Once I’m holding that contraction the involuntaries start to feel better and better. The problem is that once they get to a certain point, my PC muscles start contracting like crazy, and I don’t know whether to just let it happen or to try and relax back down to the point that started them. I’ve tried both, and the feelings never got any better. I’m yet to have a prostate orgasm, that I’m sure of.

So now what… I hope that someone who’s had super-orgasms before could give some advice on what to do next. If not, I hope this helps someone on thier journey.

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  1. Kinda in the same boat as you, maybe a little closer to super O than what you’re describing, so take all this with a grain of salt. One thing I’ve been trying is isolating the anal PC muscles specifically, i.e. get the toy to move with minimal penis movement. I agree it feels like a catch 22 as far as allowing involuntaries to go wild vs relaxing and doing nothing. It seems like you have to strike a balance between the two and allow only a small amount of movement. Or just allow yourself to alternate between big involuntaries and doing nothing.

    I’ve also been trying to focus on awareness of the prostate, feel it become more swollen with greater arousal, and just enjoying that feeling – this is sometimes easier to do without the toy. And when the toy is in, being able to tell exactly when it’s pushing on the prostate or not. This “skill” seems to have kinda naturally improved over time with practice.

    After 30 min or so, and not every session, I get to a point where each contraction pushes on it in just the right way that just feels good in and of itself. It seems like that is the state to aim for and stay in to reach super O.

    Also a small amount of weed definitely helped.

  2. You’re doing it right. The general key is being horny on the day of your session and being relaxed. Everyone has their own routine, some just do what feels right on the day. Personally I like to just lie there and remain as relaxed as possible but pay attention to my prostate, I try to feel the toy touching it. Usually at this point i get contractions out of my control.

    It is important that when you get to step 5 you stop taking over and let your body do the work, if you have orgasm on mind or are anticipating, you’re controlling too much and often contract voluntarily. That’s not going to work. Sometimes your body contracts really hard on it’s own, and that is fine too

  3. You’re at a normal stalling stage with a passive toy. I would do some sessions with no toy present to see how far you can work yourself up physically without counterforce from the toy reducing prostate pressure.

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