My journey and nice progress this week

Hello everyone,
ive been reading so much usefull stuff here and decided i post my journey too. And sorry for my bad english and spelling sometimes, im trying my best 😉

It started at 1st ocotober (how times flies lol) with a prograsm which was obivous a bad choice for myself. After reading more stuff i got the Eupho Trident Classic, with this toy i got some “results” it was nice but nothing “wow”.

Then after more studying this reddit, i got myself the Helix Trident classic on 1st November and this is where i got better results.

1. I needed to learn to completly relax and kinda embrace these feelings. I was just rushing things and not enjoing the moment. I think everyone needs to learn this lesson^^
2. After 2 weeks my prostata really awakend and had so many good times and nice feelings.
Stomach/pelvic area got warm, sometimes a rush and in between dry orgasms with alot of precum lol
3. And started doing Kegel excercises since 2 weeks (srsly guys do it)

Then this week i decided to go for no penile stimulation week kinda(i finished some gooood sessions with penile stimulation) and holy this week was mind blowing. Since tuesday i just inserted the toy and good rock hard in 2/3 minutes and after that i was just pure pleasure. This was going on yesterday (friday) where i was at work and well i got some sexy thoughts and my prostata started to sweel and i let out a little groan, luckily i a office room for me alone…^^” Then another little orgasm during the drive back home (maybe from the bumby road). So at home i played with the aneros again because i just couldnt wait any longer and damn… so many fcking dry orgasm and the last one was so intense i started to shake and ached my back at the end 😀

So this is my actuall progress and i finished today with a good old penile stimulation at the end where i exploded after just 30secs…(this has never happend before) and the orgasm was more centered around my prostata and the toy was just wiggling like hell and this was the situation where i made progress again where i felt a sensation that i had sometimes durring the aneros sessions, which means i need to relax more into this feeling when i get there 🙂

So for everyone, this a journey and not just a short wank. Enjoy it with every small orgasm and have fun.

I try to answer every questions.
And one last information. I am using the aneros toy every night because i live alone and im single and it helps me to sleep after a session ;D


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