pretty much gave up on mine

had it for 3 months tried everything followed steps from over 30 websites done kegels n all , not once have got off or felt anything i got the helix, and everytime when im “kinda” starting to feel something i get the urge to pee so i have to stop and have to go pee , then after that i just cant anymore i stick it back up there after peeing , and nothing im sad haha but oh well just sucks since i read online some people get amazing orgasms ..

has any one had that happen? never been able to get off with it ? or is it only me ?



  1. Not just you. I’ve got two different ones. Neither did anything for me. Some of us just aren’t wired right down there for this kind of stimulation. 🙁

  2. I’ve had sessions like that where nothing happens but not my entire experience has been like that. I get good times and bad times, haven’t had anything close to a super o or anything yet but definitely some good feelings. I feel like the biggest thing that determines when you make progress is doing it when your body is ready for it, I can plan out sessions weeks in advance but they will never be as good as when my prostate is telling me it’s time for an aneros session

  3. Have you tried just masturbating normally with it in? Does it feel better than normal?

    BTW I can get amazing prostate orgasms, just not with aneros. (I use the njoy Pure Wand)

  4. Are you not feeling anything at all? Maybe you are not horny enough or you cant really relax into these feelings.

    These sensations are so subtle and hard to notice in the beginnig. I am getting always a dry orgasm now on my session which can last for 3 to 6minutes where i am rock hard and get this pumping feeling but nothing happen. And yesterday i had a super dry o which lasted only maybe 30 to 60sec ( i dont check the time)

    I started kegels daily 2 weeks ago, but only doing some super light contractions early on and then nothing and only relaxing 🙂

  5. Have you varied how you’re sitting or laying down? Sounds like you might just be pressing on your bladder.

  6. I tried on and off for years, what did it for me was getting a small prostate vibe to get things tingling, lots of lube, Kegels practice to build up the muscles and then putting in the aneros once I was warmed up. Then I understood what it was about.

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