i think i need something bigger

so last week, i got my helix syn. ive only used it about 3 times and it just doesnt hit my prostate the way i want it to. i want a decent amount of pressure simply having it in, and doing the pc exerises increase the pleaseure. the helix syn only barely touches and there really isnt any pressure. i know that i still need to practice with the exercises and with the toy itself, but its simply too hard to relax fully. even though im pretty young, i feel like im just too emotionally unstable to really let myself go and relax all the way. before i got the aneros i used a 6in makeshift toy and it hit my spot way better. but because of its shape and being plastic, it would start to hurt. once i start getting the pleasure going, im able to relax a lot more. i can only do about 2-3hr sessions so its been a struggle so far. do you think an upgrade would be good and if so, what are some good toys including and excluding the aneros lines for a resonable price(around $40-$70).

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  1. You may be working it too hard. I am still on the quest for a great p-orgasm also but most of my extensive reading on here suggests a lighter touch. I know sometimes I want to hit it hard and there is nothing wrong with that. I have had some great loads from that but the true p-0 seems to suggest a little gentler touch. Give it a try at least.

  2. I’m still new to mine too, still nothing, and appreciate the recommendations from everyone too.

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