What do I do when whole body tenses up?

I am at a point where I if I leave my aneros in for a while my legs and weirdly my face tenses up. Do I keep them in the same position and still just focus on my breathing? Or do I try and move them. I tried moving them and I feel like I started getting the squirming I have seen other people get. I am wondering if I should wait longer with them tensed until the squirming happens without me consciously doing it.

Also, has anyone else had the face tense before? Like it almost hurts so move my eyebrows. Everything is feeling good so I am definitely continuing on and improving just wondering if someone faced this and if they did something to make it better.

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  1. Yes I have the same feeling as well! It’s a good sign that you’re on the right track for an HFO. My face tends to tense as well as I approaching super-O. However, it doesn’t hurt but I do feel the tense and tingling feeling. Perhaps that’s what you’re feeling as well?


    Based on my prior experience playing with my prostate, you definitely want to continue focussing on your breathing. After several sessions, the squirming will happen by itself without you consciously doing it.

  2. Just let your body do what it wants to do! For me thats the most fun, and the most important part to achieving the best super o possible.

  3. If your body want to tense up, that’s ok. Another way I’ve found to relax ( and increase the pressure on all 3 spots the aneros stimulates) is to start moving my pelvis/ass up and down onto the bed or onto pillows under your ass. You also might find you’ll increase your pleasure as well. And don’t forget to breathe😋

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