Has anyone had bacterial growth on their aneros ? Left marks.

Unfortunately, twice, some white bacteria grew on my aneros while it was stored. Both times, It was the handle that had growth on it, the second time it was worse as it extended part way through the stem. I was quite surprised when it initially happened and when it happened the second time as I thoroughly wash my toys with soap and water and let them air dry before storing. I stored it in the container it came with – after the first bacteria growth – I washed the container with soap and water to clean that. (Clearly that didn’t work). Somehow – I think the bacteria left its marks on the toy which the boiling didn’t take care of. Is there anything I can do to deal with that ? (There’s a pic of the tip of the toy for reference – is this safe for use ?

These are pics after boiling today for the first time. I’ve only used the aneros a handful of times since I got it in August.

(There’s also pics of my plugs there – which somehow after boiling came out with what looks like dust on them – if you know anything about that please let me know. I posted more info on that on a thread at r/sextoys as I thought they’d know more. If you’re curious to know more – [link](https://www.reddit.com/r/SexToys/comments/k31pwp/boiled_plugs_they_came_out_dusty_damaged_aneros/) )

Thanks for any advice!


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/k31sg2/has_anyone_had_bacterial_growth_on_their_aneros/


  1. Why air dry? That might be an invitation for bacteria or mold to form on it if it takes time to dry especially if you already have mold spores in your home. Dry with a clean towel and then store.

  2. These are NOT aneros.
    Aneros are white and made of body safe platic.
    If I were you, I just throw these crapy unsafe toys to the garbage!
    They are so many GOOD and CHEAP toys around the web, you should NOT take risk with you butthole.

  3. I’m not sure that boiling your toys is a good thing. Is it recommended by the manufacturer?

  4. There’s no need to boil. What you seem to have there is fungal buildup, so like someone else said wipe dry with a towel and store in a dry place

  5. Uhm idk but those are not really aneros toys?

    Bacterial growth is known to happen in cheaper toys because they have a microporous surface, which is the 100% optimal environment for microbes to grow in. That’s why people should consider looking into quality toys that don’t provide the environment for nasty stuff to grow.

    Most materials in sex toys are far from safe to use, especially if you browse on amazon/AliExpress and pick the cheapest stuff.

    Safe materials are

    Medical Silicone, medical grade steel and glass

  6. Don’t worry, these aren’t microbial growths. Your toys are covered with a dusting of carbonates and other mineral residue that stays after water evaporates. It’s just water spots.

    I experienced a similar scare when I first got a Helix Syn. It was my first prostate toy and I didn’t expect something like that could happen.
    The day after I first used the Helix it appeared to be covered in what I thought was mold, even though it was stored perfectly clean.
    I thoroughly cleaned and sanitized it again and again without using it, but the white stuff kept “growing back” anyway. It was worrying at first but after a couple of rounds of cleaning I figured out what it really was.

    Later when I got more silicone toys I noticed that some of them, including the Aneros massagers, tend to “grow” especially visible and strange looking residue compared to others. It’s not a defect, just a harmless quirk of this particular material.

    I suspect it has something to do with the type of surface finish. Some toys feel more “hydrophobic” than others, in that the water rolls right off the toy and what’s left gathers in separate droplets instead of a film of water. I suppose this helps create the strange shapes of residue when drying.
    I’ve seen all sorts of patterns: weird arrangements of intersecting spots and stains, colony-looking clumps and bumps, even rows of tiny spikes and scales. As strange as it can look it’s nothing to worry about, it’s the same stuff that makes limescale.

    The only other thing I noticed about your Aneros is there seems to be some oily or greasy stuff on the handle.
    That can happen too, especially when using oil based lubes as you mentioned in the other thread. Sometimes the oil residue leaves a translucent film of gunk that can be hard to see at first, it becomes more visible when it starts coming off.
    Soak it in hot water then use a soft sponge and soap to scrub it off. Then boil the toys or use a dishwasher (without any detergent, just hot water) just to be sure.
    Real silicone toys aren’t damaged by boiling, it’s my preferred method of cleaning them if I’m using oil based lubes.

    So, nothing’s damaged here, it’s all good and safe to use after cleaning.

  7. I’ve always assumed this was what a thin film of coconut oil looked like after solidifying at room temperature.

    Try using a stronger soap like dish detergent to get it all off?

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