Should I “hump” or lay still

I recently purchased a Trident Helix Syn after lurking in r/aneros for some time. Everyone talks about laying still but on my second attempt I was getting impatient with little or no sensation from slow kegels. So while laying on my side I started a little rhythmic humping motion.

After a short while I started to feel warm and couldn’t help but moan a little as my body slightly shook. I kept at it but it dissipated. I relaxed for a few minutes and tried the motion again with feet on the bed while lifting my hips and was able to reproduce, this time muscles in my legs twitching like they would during a strenuous workout.

I didn’t cum but later on I put a vibrating bullet against the aneros and after a little while had a long pop.

Is that the sensation I’m going for? It seems lying still is the recommended approach, am I missing out on the bigger sensation?



  1. Keep trying. Enjoy. Repeat a couple of times to get into it. Mix it up and try new stuff.

  2. Multiple recipes exist to make biscuits. The same applies to prostate toys.

    I prefer keeping still, relax and wait for the toy do its work. But at times it feels like contracting very slightly helps. Not all the time, though.

    The journey is as enjoyable as the destination.

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