So I had another Super Dry – O… question about intesity levels

Hi guys I wanna share my strange week to you guys^^”.

I am doing kegels now regulary and even tried this big squeeze technique from [](
I cant do it regulary but its getting better..

Wendsday I was doing some kegels in my office during lunch time (i have a workplace for me alone) and then i thought ok lets try the big squeeze… and holy what a orgasmic rush for 1 minute. I could alteast control my voice, i really wanted to moan xD. My pc muscle and sphincter where fluttering like hell and it just got stronger to the point where i felt in my whole body.

Then after that i had a aneros sessions after work and had another super long dry o for idk how long. I was rock hard all the time and felt it pumping nonstop.

Here comes my question about the intensity. I am using kinda tha aneros atleast every night before bedtime because it feels good and its a good way to relax before sleeping.

Is it to much? Because the Super Dry – O was long and but intenstiy on a scale maybe 6/10(?).
Could the intensity higher if i would maybe take a break^^?

And 1 last question: Is there way to archieve the Wet O after unlocking the Dry-O’s. I just wanna experience alteast 1 but i believe the Dry Os are better because you do it frequently^^”

Thanks for answers



  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience and thank you for sharing that website!

  2. You had a Dry-O, but not a Super Dry-O. Because the intensity of a Super Dry-O is not 6/10.

    If the regular O is 10/10 then the super O is around 50/10…

    About the frequency, it is said that one session every 2 or 3 days is adequate. But if you feel like to have daily sessions, it’s up to you. Just experiment what is the best for you, try different frequency. I never had a wet O with my toys. At least not hand free…

  3. I only do two sessions a week normally. I don’t want to do too many cause there’s a possibility of desensitizing my prostate. Meaning too much means less pleasure. Or just plain over use. The answer to this time between sessions if I’m horny is Aless. Learn how to do Aless. Aless means ” Anerosless ” or no toy at all. A good kegel routine is key to having good Aless sessions.

  4. I think if might seem less intense if you are experiencing it so often. Or your prostate is being constantly stimulated so it’s not as heightened. Kind of like how when you don’t jack off for a while the orgasm is a little better.

  5. The intensity really depends on where you are atwith regards to your orgasm build (not a real term).

    In Mantak Chia’s book The Multiorgasmic Man he shows a graph that depicts the orgasm intensity levels of a prostate orgasm and it basically goes to infinity but it’s all predicated on how you build on top of each orgasm.

    I typically have one session per week with an Aneros. All others are Aless. With the Aneros my orgasms build in intensity over the length of the session. Until I get to such an intense level I have a wet HFO.

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