Physical exercices, health and aneros

Hello folks! A frequent comment I’ve noticed in multiples posts on this subreddit and on the aneros’ forums is the fact that aneros usage can be a spiritual and meditative experience in addition to being a prostate health tool and a sex toy. In this context, I feel like having a good physical and mental health is quite important thing we want to success reaching any goals with the aneros (HFWO, multiples DO, super Os, etc.).

COVID-19 have been rough on most of us. In my case, I’ve noticed that I’m exercising less than I was. Working most of the time from home, I’m not riding my bike as much as I was and I’ve been eating more sweets to manage my boredom. I’ve been vaping weed more than before, even though my consumption is always limited to late evenings. On the other hand, I took the habit of walking at least 30 minutes everyday since march, but I feel it’s still not enough and may explain some of my difficulties “mastering” the aneros, as I sometime get anxious during some of my sessions, which can ruin the experience.

In the last few days, I’ve started journaling my sessions to get a better view of what’s helping and I’m thinking about getting more physically active. Yoga seems to me like an interesting way to have more control on my breathing and posture, things that seem to me as essential for nice aneros sessions. I’ve been thinking about running again, something I’ve done for a few months two years ago, which I enjoyed, but it was getting hard to do in winter, as I’m living in Canada and in a place which can get freezing rain, rain and snowstorm in the same week. Finally, I must say that except for the changes I’ve listed before caused by COVID-19, I consider myself quite healthy. I’m vegan (won’t discuss that here though!), cooking pretty much every day and I don’t own a car nor do I use public transport regularly.

I’m curious, have any of you tried to work on their general health and seen results when using the aneros? What type of activities have been helping and which didn’t had much effect?

A final comment: even though the aneros can be challenging, I find it quite interesting that it forces us to slow down and learn to listen to our body. This is clearly not something penile masturbation would have forced me to do, and in a way, I’m glad that my learning of the aneros makes take a broader look at my good and bad habits, even if this is temporary (perhaps I’m just a bit too enthusiastic right now about getting more dry and super Os).


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  1. Yes, I have been using Aneros for 15+ years. One thing I notice is that my Aneros experiences are much more intense during periods where I am consistently working out and eating healthier. Cardio (running) seems to be a key for me.

  2. How bizarre. I came online to craft a post that more or less says exactly this. I had a three-hour session with my Aneros last night that really opened my eyes.

    I’ve been fooling around with mine on and off for (I think) ten years. In any case, it’s been a really long time. My roadblock to learning how to use it was thinking I was aiming for a novel kind of sexual orgasm. I kept trying to ‘bring forth’ an orgasm when I should have been entering and submitting to an orgasm that is always there. It was the first time that rather than trying and failing to ‘get off’ I had what seemed to be a “spiritual/meditative” experience.

    In any case, I felt like I exited my session transformed. Like I received a trove of wisdom on how to take better care of my body. Will I actually follow through and adhere? Will I sink back into my old ways? Time will tell. But damn, my eyes were opened.

  3. I have found a regular yoga practice over the last 6 years to be super helpful to honing more subtle muscle groups in my body, which has better attuned my attention and control of my PC muscles. I also find breathwork to be essential, which most good yoga teachers will incorporate breath and movement. I watch yoga videos on youtube from my house. I also highly recommend cutting out on other distracting stimuli such as porn.

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