Peridise vs Tempo

Hi everyone,

First, thanks for the help many of you offered in my last posts!

I’ve thinking about getting the peridise kit but it’s not as cheap or easy to find here in Canada as it is in USA. I’ve been looking for them these days but the only store selling aneros products in my city doesn’t have the peridise nor the tempo. I took a look online this weekend expecting a good price since it’s cybermonday tomorrow and I just found the tempo at 60$CAD with free shipping instead of 111$, which seem to be quite a good price. The best I can get for the peridise is 30$CAD. The peridise seemed to me as a more interesting product since everyone seem to enjoy more the smallest one, compared to the bigger which is the same size as the tempo. Is the stainless steel such an advantage that it counterbalances the bigger size?

I already own the helix syn and the progasm ice. I can take bigger toys but I’m still a beginner with aneros toys. I’ve managed to get dry Os with both, but I tend to have a harder time getting them with the helix, while the progasm can make me cum too fast (too fast like it I didn’t get any dry Os and I’m forced to stop the session).

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  1. I would go with the Peridise. You get the variety of size. Others might have an opinion but I don’t see that the stainless steel provides much of an advantage. I have the pair and like them both.

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