Mild and almost pleasurable soreness two days after 2nd use (Helix Syn)

I recently got a Helix syn and have used it twice this week (sessions spaced 2 days apart), both times with great sensations and no trouble inserting the toy. How normal is it to feel a residual ache in the prostate area after using a helix syn? The last session (2 days ago) I ended by having a regular penile orgasm and worry that when I climaxed I squeezed the toy a bit too hard (only once and it didn’t particularly hurt that much). The rest of the session was very mild in pressure and gradual besides that. I have bottomed with a well endowed partner several times in the past but am still particularly tight. I have only recently learned about the danger of prostrate damage, so I may just be newly paranoid about tears or bruises to my prostate, thus fixating on a sensation I have certainly felt after bottoming normally. I have no sharp pain or trouble using the bathroom and the rest of my body feels totally fine. Only a consistent and almost pleasant ache (for the past two days since I used the Helix). This is a normal sensation and something I should just wait out right?



  1. I think its normal. I get that ‘weird’ feeling day after which is very pleasurable, youre getting used to it, nothing to worry about. Just give it few days off and you will be fine

  2. That’s pretty normal. Your prostate probably isn’t used to being massaged like it gets with the Helix Syn. It’s like when you use a muscle that you don’t typically use and it’s sore for the next couple days. Even bottoming with a well endowed man doesn’t put that direct pressure on the prostate like a toy does. With more uses, the prostate will toughen up and you won’t have the soreness anymore. I used to get the same soreness when I first started with my Helix Syn.

    I wouldn’t be too worried about damaging your prostate with the Helix Syn. It’s very smooth and isn’t big enough to really hurt you. There are toys out there that hit your prostate a lot harder.

    That being said… If the pain persists or gets worse, definitely stop using and go see a doctor, but I’m sure that you’ll be fine.

  3. Yup. Let a feed days pass. If pain persists then see a doctor. Usually if there’s damage to your prostate, you’ll see blood in your urine or semen. Maybe JO to see if everything is working. 😀

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