Should I switch up models or brands if my toy isn’t working for me?

Recently got the Aneros Helix Syn Trident, it’s great to combine with penile stimulation but otherwise I haven’t felt any prostate pleasure or orgasms when using it alone. Should I swap it up to a new model or material, or should I change brands to a vibrating toy or something?



  1. Try a vibrating one for a while, this will make easier to feel your p-spot. Come back to the aneros then.

    You can also try with

    This helped me a lot how with the aneros.

  2. Try a new one! I find that the varied levels of motion can fit different moods, having a small medium and large is totally awesome.

  3. I recommend everyone try several different types of toys/models. There is no one model that works best for everyone. I am also a curious guy so I want to explore different ways to attain pleasure so I have several aneros models and an nJoy Pure Wand and plan on trying others in the future.

    My personal experience is that I had to try a few Aneros models before everything really clicked. First model was Progasm and it was just ok. Then tried the MGX which worked better but then tried Eupho and that really hit the spot.

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