MGX not doing it for me. What would be better?

I’ve got the MGX original a couple of years ago and have used it on several occasions, but it has rarely done much for me, even relaxing, meditating and flexing. I’m pretty sure it’s too short to hit my prostate directly – maybe a half-inch to an inch. What would be better in the Aneros line? Thinking of something longer, but not necessarily with more girth. Thanks for any advice.



  1. I have the MGX too and I’m struggling with it as I think it’s too short so anything longer I’d be interested in also

  2. You have to decide if you think a bigger toy (Progasm) or slightly different shaped toy (Helix) or thinner (Eupho) will work. The other option it to get something like the nJoy Pure Wand where you can manually pinpoint where you want to massage. This toy gives you more control but at the expense that its not a hands free toy.

    My personal experience was first trying a Progasm (was way to big) and I ended up learning that smaller/thinner toys worked better. YMMV.

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