Very disappointed

I know I’m probably going to be attacked and crucified by the Cult of Aneros, but I bought into the hype and don’t understand any of it.

I’ve had a Syn Trident for almost a week now, and I’ve tried at least once a day to feel something, anything. I’ve read all the documentation and followed all the advice i could find, but no matter what I do it still feels like a hard chunk of plastic in my ass. I feel nothing but the general discomfort of having something in your body thats not supposed to be there.

No pleasure of any kind, nothing approaching a good sensation. I feel like it feels better to NOT use it. I hope Aneros actually stands by their refund policy.



  1. It’s possible it just won’t work for some guys. A week is a very small amount of time though and not likely to yield any results unless you are lucky. I’ve been using an Aneros since they came out. It took me about 6 months to see any decent results and I still haven’t reached a Super O to this day.

    Nevertheless, it’s your life and your time. If you don’t want to continue using the Aneros, then don’t. Up to you.

    As a side note, anal/prostate play is as much about being mentally aroused as being physically aroused. If you aren’t prepared mentally, you won’t see any results.

  2. Don’t expect anything after a week. If anything..use it as a tool to combat your anxiety. Theres nobody else there, just you and your body, no judgement. I never had any experience with anal insertions before this and now I can believe the heights of pleasure I’m reaching. Take your time, don’t expect something to happen and just do it. Properly. You will have pleasure in the future. But only if you allow yourself to.

    I will agree with the other comments saying that your attitude is totally wrong for this, as its like a form of meditation. Patience is key and listen to your body.

    And this is coming from someone who still hasn’t achieved the super o. But I can see that it is possible. I have given it a few years and stuck with it and it’s worth it. It’s not just a quick cum and go back to doing whatever. It’s a few hours of the most pleasure you’ll feel in your life. And again I’m saying this having never had the super O. Every session is amazing and I know it’s on the horizon, but I still have never felt anything like it, without even cumming from it.

    Patience man

  3. You’re looking for instant gratification with something that takes most people months or years.

    Personally I prefer to have sex while wearing it. Have you tried that?

  4. What have you tried doing different? Have you tried on your belly’? Have you tried adding more lube or another type of lubricant ? Have your tried doing kegels?

  5. Learning how to enjoy prostate play has been one of the more gradual and confusing things I’ve tackled in my life. Everything I was doing in the beginning has since changed.

    For me, any anxiety makes it very difficult to get going and distractions take me out of the moment and my pleasure level dives.

    I lost some weight after about a year of Aneros use, and the confidence boost that gave me made a difference. The takeaway there is being comfortable with yourself, which it sounds like you are not. And that’s OK, you’re not alone there. The important thing is to acknowledge that about yourself. If you’re able work through some of your self image issues, you might find yourself in a better spot for Aneros success.

    Also, and you’ve heard it a million times if you’ve read everything, PATIENCE. It is a different kind of patience than I’ve ever had to employ in my life.

    For reference, it took my about a year before I recognized something as a p wave (read: identifiable pleasure) and about 3.5 years for super o. Edit: I felt pleasure before that but not out of the box, if you’ve never experienced a prostate orgasm it’s hard to describe the different arousal states.

    Let me ask you this, what are you goals for using Aneros? For example, I was looking to strengthen my pelvic floor for better sex with my wife.

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